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Some Orchids with predominantly green flowers

Although lavender, pink, orange and red orchids rate high in the marketplace, growers with large or mixed collections usually have one or a few green-flowered orchids. There is something fresh about a lettuce-green flower that appeals to our nature. Although most commonly cultivated genera have green species, they are certainly not common. Below we present a sampling of favorite green orchids. Try a few, they are certain to make your fellow growers green with envy!

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Bonatea speciosa 'Green Egret' FCC/AOS - © 2005 Greg Allikas Catsetum integerrimum - © 2009 Greg Allikas Coelogyne Burfordiense 'Bessey Creek' HCC/AOS
Cycnoches chlorochilon - © 2009 Greg Allikas Cymbidium goeringii 'Janet' AM/AOS Dendrobium anceps - © 2009 Greg Allikas
Dendrobium epidendropsis - © 2009 Greg Allikas Epidendrum difforme - © 2009 Greg Allikas Ida locusta - © 2009 Greg Allikas
Paphiopedilum malipoense - © 2009 Greg Allikas Paphiopedilum tonsum 'Chico' HCC/AOS Rhyncholaelia digbyana - © 2009 Greg Allikas

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