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Here you will find articles of interest to all levels of orchid experience, from beginner to advanced. Some of the content here is original and was written expressly for this website, while other articles are requested reprints from Orchids magazine. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the PDF documents. Documents marked with § are offered as an AOS membership benefit and require logging in to the website to view them. To the right are links to external websites we find to be of value to the orchid hobbyist. While offering these links as a convenience to visitors, we cannot control content on other websites and assume no responsibility for what they offer. Please report any unsavory content to webmaster@aos.org.
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There is much to read here that will inform and inspire! 


If you feel that there are sites that should be added to this section of the AOS's Web site, please read the following admissions policy. If you feel that you've got a winner that should be shared with the orchid community, and if it fits the criteria outlined below, send your request, rationale and the applicable link to webhelp@aos.org.

The AOS Web site Policy on links to other orchid Web sites is as follows:

  • Web sites should relate to orchids and/or growing them, or provide related or other information of interest to orchid growers.
  • Web sites that provide information that is either not available at www.aos.org or which is in greater depth than offered here on our Web site, will be given preference.
  • Content dealing with orchids by region or by genera will be given preference.
  • Linked Web sites must provide a reciprocal link back to www.aos.org.
  • Web sites must be non-commercial; banner ads are acceptable if in good taste.
  • Certain semi-commercial sites and/or non-orchid Web sites may be considered if they provide information that the AOS feels might be of use or of interest to visitors to our nonprofit organization's Web site.
  • After evaluation by the AOS, the Society reserves the sole right to accept or reject linking to any Web site, without explanation, including previously linked Web sites.
  • Websites change and the AOS assumes no responsibility for content found on external websites. Please report any offensive material immediately to webmaster@aos.org










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