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The 2011 Orchids Magazine Collections


July 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
A Gifted Researcher with a Passion for Botany and Horticulture Ann and Phil Jesup 398
Unlocking an Orchid’s Potential Robert Fuchs 402
The Role of Two Species in Hybridizing Helmut Röhrl 406
86: Stanhopea tigrina Bateman ex Lindley Harry Zelenko 414
A Popular Hawaiian Destination is Home to Orchids Paris Everett Merriam 416
Taking the Art of Making Lei to New Heights Ada Koene 422
Strategies for Growing Orchids Under Drier Conditions Todd L. Zimmerman 424
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June 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
Exploring a Fascinating World Ron McHatton 338
Survival Shapes the Flower Martin Motes 350
Pollination in Lepanthes Mario Blanco and Sebastián Vieira 356
Coryanthes macrocorys Illustrates a Plant–Ant Symbiosis Rudolf Jenny 358
Up Close and Personal Melania Fernández, Adam P. Karremans and Franco Pupulin 362
Flower Fly (Syrphidae) Pollination and Mechanical Self-Pollination (Autogamy) in Phragmipedium Species (Cypripedioideae) Robert Pemberton 364
Green, Green, Indeed, They Say Janet Vinyard 368
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May 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
An Overview of Standard Complex Paphiopedilum Hybridization Nile Dusdieker 270
A Look at the Vining, Twining Orchids of the Sunshine State Chuck McCartney 280
Dracula hirtzii f. xanthina ‘Angel Glow’, AM/AOS Mario Ferrusi 290
Dreams of a Tropical Garden Come True Bill Suddaby 292
IX. Hybrid Jewel Orchids Leon Glicenstein 298
A Namesake Orchid for Priscilla Presley Draws Attention A.A. Chadwick and Arthur E. Chadwick 304
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April 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
A Comparison of Systems and Highlights of Major Shows Peter Furniss 208
The AOS Specialty Judging Awards of 2009 Tom Etheridge 216
The Uncommon Joy of Receiving a First Class Certificate in 2010 Ken Slump 224
Acianthera sonderiana ‘Turnberry’, CCM-CCE/AOS David Smith 232
The Judges’ Quality Score Sheet Demystified Don Ghiz 235
Possible Awards to Recognize Excellence Ernest Hetherington 238
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March 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
The Irresistible Allure of These Diverse New World Orchids Darrin Norton 148
That Extra Room Might Just Be the Perfect Alternative Brett Hopkins 154
The Wonder of Windows Jerry Lee Fischer 160
The Remarkable Life and Career of Joyce Stewart Johan Hermans, Phillip Cribb, Isobyl la Croix and Heather Campbell 162
IX. Further Inter-Spiranthinae Hybrids Plus One Leon Glicenstein 166
A Yucatan Interlude Susan Ludmer-Gliebe 174
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February 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
Leo Holguin Aimed for the Best When Creating Hybrids Ned Nash 82
Viewing Species During a Day Trip in Costa Rica Alexander Vasiljev 86
Reflections on the 2010 Taiwan International Orchid Show John Wrench 92
Taipei Expo Showcases the Orchid Kingdom’s Floriculture Industry Tom Oder 96
A Return to the Orchidaceous Mine Mark Whitten and Mario Blanco 104
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January 2011 Featured Articles

Title Author Page
With More Than a Million Orchids Under His Care, Rob Palmer’s Skills as a Master Grower are Legendary Among Florida Growers Greg Allikas 22
Coelogyne kaliana ‘Vistamount’, AM/AOS Greg Allikas 32
From Seedling to Award Winner: Bulbophyllum Doris Dukes Bill Thoms 34
Smart Ideas for Growing Orchids More Efficiently Phil Jesup 40
VIII. The Hybrids Leon Glicenstein 42
The Orchid–Fungus–Climate Change Connection Brian G. Keel 48
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