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Conservation of orchid species and their habitats has been a cornerstone of the AOS since our founding in 1921. Through its members and staff, the Society plays a major role in the formulation of world orchid conservation opinion and policies. By working to save orchids and their habitats here and abroad, we preserve their beauty and important role in the planet's ecosystem.

The AOS Conservation Committee serves as a communication point for conservation-related news and information. Its members are often those who are called upon for expertise in matters relating to orchid conservation. The AOS's publications are in the forefront of communicating conservation-related news, particularly on CITES issues as well as import and export-related items.  AOS Staff and Conservation Committee members have also played an increasingly important role as liaison with United States federal agencies, such as USDA and USFWS, in communicating the opinions of the orchid community.

The American Orchid Society grants awards for non-commercial conservation projects, as well as experimental projects of fundamental and applied research on orchids. The purpose of these grants is to advance the conservation and preservation of orchids in every aspect. Conservation projects supported have been in areas as diverse as CITES publication funding, a conservation program for an orchid reserve, establishment of a secretariat for the IUCN/OSG, and other informational resources.

Conservation is one of today’s most widely discussed topics and one of the keystones of the American Orchid Society's mission. Each member of the AOS can play a part in the global conservation of orchids. It is our responsibility to preserve the unique place of orchids in their habitats for our children and for our planet.

Trichocentrum pulchrum in situ, 
Lara state VZ