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Change of Environment
I have some phalaenopsis, doritaenopsis and dendrobiums. Until recently, I lived in a cold house with day temperatures around 60º F. The plants were in an east-facing window with a sheer curtain. I have since moved to a much warmer apartment with again an east-facing window and a curtain. I fertilize weakly weekly, and add extra humidity. The phalaenopsis have just spiked but not the doritaenopsis nor the dendrobiums. Is there something I can do to make the failures spike? Is it possible they were cold and fairly dry for too long, resulting in stunted growth? They look healthy and green and all seem to have new root growth. Perhaps they just need more time? - Ashley Carson



Be patient. Depending on the level of Doritis in the parentage of your Doritaenopsis, it may well be a summer bloomer. Taking the plants from a harsher environment to a more favorable one will usually result in a growth spurt. When the growth spurt stops, and when the growths on your dendrobiums mature, then the flowers should come. It sounds like you’re providing adequate light and all those new roots show you’re heading in the right direction. -
Andy Easton

Orchid Q&A

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