Dillon-Peterson Essay Contest Deadline is November 30!

REMINDER: the deadline is fast approaching for the annual Gordon W. Dillon - Richard C. Peterson Memorial Essay Contest. Don't wait any longer! The contest is open to all persons except employees of the American Orchid Society and their immediate families. You do not need to be an AOS member.

The winner receives a cash prize and a certificate suitable for framing. The contest was established in 1985 by the AOS Northeast Judging Center to honor the memory of two former editors of the AOS Bulletin (now Orchids). Gordon Dillon served as editor from 1943 through 1968 and again from 1970 through 1973. Richard Peterson's name first appeared on the masthead of the AOS Bulletin in April 1971 as associate editor. In 1973, he was named editor and, upon Dillon's retirement in 1977, he became the executive director, retaining his position of editor through 1984.

The theme for 2014 is: Growing Orchids: Art or Science?. Some orchid growers follow a precise, measured cultural regime, while other simply "wing it" and follow their instincts. Is one approach better than the other or is the best culture a combination of both? Write about your approach and why it works.  Membership in the American Orchid Society is not necessary to enter the contest. The deadline is November 30, 2014. The winning entry, if any, is published in the June issue of the following year.

Contest Rules

  • The essay must be an original, unpublished article.
  • The contest is open to all persons except employees of the American Orchid Society and their immediate families.
  • Submissions must be no more than 5,000.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in English and may be submitted electronically as MS Word or compatible word processor file.
  • Submissions will be judged without knowledge of the identity of the author. The decision of the judges is final. If no entries meet the expected criteria of excellence, the award will be withheld.
  • •Artwork is not necessary for entering this competition.
  • Non-winning entries will be returned to the contestant if requested. Such entries are eligible for resubmission in subsequent contests. These non-winning entries will also be considered for publication by the editor of Orchids and may be used in Orchids or other AOS publications with the written permission of the author. Published entries will not be eligible for consideration in subsequent contests.

For a list of previous winners, see www.aos.org

Submit entries to the Dillon/Peterson Memorial Essay Prize attn: Ron McHatton, The American Orchid Society at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL 33156,or via email to rmchatton@aos.org.

A number or prestigious awards were presented at the recent Members Meeting held in Orlando, FL. We congratulate these individuals and thank them for their service to the AOS and the orchid community.

Back row, L to R:
Frank Slaughter, Greg Filter, Taylor Slaughter, Howard Bronstein, Harold Koopowitz.
Front row, L to R:
Bob Fuchs, Aileen Garrison, President Frank Smith, Alan Koch, Carlos Fighetti.

Gold medals

Harold Koopowitz: for all his support to the AOS in so many ways as advisor, educator, researcher, and conservationist and for broadening our knowledge and appreciation of slipper orchids in particular.

Carlos Fighetti: former AOS President and chairman of many committees for his unwavering and strong support of the AOS over many years, for his work with the Taiwan Judging Center and establishment and chairmanship of the Puerto Rico Judging Center.

Howard Bronstein: for being atruly natural giver and his generous gift of time and effort in working on AQ Plus for many years and bringing it to fruition.

Silver Medals

Greg Filter: for his efforts on IT which have made the Society website and OrchidsPlus more accessible and better functioning to members and other orchidists; in particular recognizing his efforts on improved membership benefits and the membership drive.

Jose Izquierdo: for all the work he has done on the Judging Center program and bringing the awards data up to date, as well as his sustained efforts to establish the Puerto Rico Judging Center.

Taylor Slaughter: one of the brightest and ablest of AOS advisors has served as judge, trustee and chair of the Governance Committee, is awarded for her service and contributions to the judging hand book, bylaw revisions, AOS policy development and as compiler and manager of the national awards.

Frank Slaughter: for all his IT work and technology support to the AOS and all his work and support on the National Awards.

Aileen Garrison: for her long-time service to the AOS as chair of many committees, Trustee and Executive Committee member as secretary and in particular her long and valued service on the Judging Committee of which she is again chair.

Hybridizer's awards

Alan Koch: for excellence in hybridizing cattleyas, particularly miniature cattleyas.

Robert Fuchs: for excellence in hybridizing Vandaceous orchids, and in representing the AOS in countries and world orchid conferences around the world.


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 Photo of the Week
Den. chrysocrepis Dendrobium chrysocrepis

Golden slipper dendrobium orchid found from Yunan province, China to Thailand.

Photo ©Ramon de los Santos

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