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Orchid Events

Once you are bitten by the "orchid bug", orchid events become an enjoyable part of the hobby. Attending orchid shows provides an opportunity to see the latest introductions and pick up a few selections for your own orchid collection. Shows are great places to buy orchid supplies too, especially those that are too heavy to ship. Working on the setup of your local orchid society's show can be a fantastic educational experience, as can clerking for AOS judging at a show.

There are many national and international events that can combine your orchid hobby with vacation time. AOS Members Meetings provide a great chance to make new orchid friends and visit with old ones. Top rate lectures, special tours to gardens and nurseries, and parties and banquets round out a Members Meeting. These meetings are graciously hosted by AOS Affiliated Societies across the country. Several national orchid festivals held during the summer are a relaxing way to find rare and unusual orchids.

International orchid shows can really broaden an orchidist's knowledge. Seeing native orchids grown in their native countries is an unforgettable experience. Major overseas shows are often done on a larger scale than here in the US and are well worth attending at least once. Finally, The World Orchid Conference, held every three years in a different country, combines the best of all of the above.

Whether you stay local, or choose to travel, rely on to make your orchid travel plans.

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