February 2016
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May 2012 ORCHIDS The Bulletin of the American Orchid Society


Lepanthes melpomene is a miniature cool- to cold-
growing epiphyte from the cloud forests of southeastern
Ecuador at elevations of 7,220–9,350 feet (2,200–
2,850 m). Grower and photographer: Karma Forester.


◊  Paphiopedilum in China, part 2

◊  View from the North; Growing Orchids in Sweden, part 1

◊  An Orchid and Cloud Forest in Ecuador

◊  Promanea stapeloided; the Species and its Hybrids

◊  Water Quality and How to Evaluate it

◊  The Genus Lockhartia

◊  Aerides odorata

◊  Sobralia decora


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