published December 12, 2012

ORCHIDS Available Online January 2013

Beginning this January, in addition to the printed version of ORCHIDS magazine, you will have the unique opportunity to avail yourself of our new digital version.

All AOS members will be able to access the digital magazine by logging on to the AOS website using their current user name and password. Then click on the link to view Orchids.

  • It's portable. Once you've downloaded the issue (which takes a matter of seconds), just power up your PC and view it anywhere — on an airplane, in your hotel room, wherever,
  • It looks just like the Orchids magazine you're familiar and comfortable with. Our digital platform makes it possible to deliver that same magazine experience on your PC. So you can "turn" the pages and view our features and departments as you do now.
  • Yes, you can print it. You can print as many pages of the magazine as you want.
  • No more waiting on mail delivery ... digital Orchids is ready when you are. It will be available before your hard copy is delivered.

To sample the new digital version of ORCHIDS click here.