Content Guidelines

Topics for both website and print publication should be related to orchids. Articles on orchid culture always rate highly with readers. Orchidists are always anxious to learn new techniques, or gain insight into other growers’ successes. We welcome submissions about unusual species or color forms, or rare or rarely flowered orchids. If you have received recognition for a well-grown and flowered orchid, tell us how you grew it! The ease of updating a website make it a perfect media for publishing local orchid news that might be of interest to fellow orchid growers. If your local orchid group has had a great success with it’s annual show, write a few sentences and send us some photos! If you have taken an orchid-related trip that might be of interest to others, it might make a perfect homepage dateline.

While the internet provides us with seemingly limitless opportunities for getting information, it is not always the most comfortable or relaxing experience. It is a lot different reading news from a computer screen than from sitting in your favorite chair with a magazine or newspaper. In some ways, www content can be thought of as being related to retail signage or consumer packaging, because there is limited time and space to get your message across.

Creating effective www content should be based on principles of conciseness. Abandon poetic license in favor of "getting to the point". When in doubt, leave it out. Short sentences really work best, so please try to avoid long, rambling compound sentences with lots of extra words that seem to go on forever and ever and rarely, if ever, make any significant or noteworthy point. Like that one. Short sentences are best. Use the "first screen" (text in the first paragraph) to state what is to follow and get readers hooked on your message before they have to scroll to read more. Make key points throughout the article to lead the reader from beginning to end. Sub-headings can be used to break large articles into smaller, more digestible pieces. Use photos with descriptive captions to communicate concepts quickly. Photos may be submitted as jpeg files with minimum size of 600x800 pixels (for web). External links to additional reference may be used to supplement an article. Please do not send other people's copyrighted text or photos.

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Send your submissions to as well as any questions regarding suitability of content.