published October 22, 2013

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H a p p y   B i r t h d a y   M. L e c o u f l e

Celebrating his 100th birthday on October 24th, Marcel Lecoufle is a member of a distinguished family of orchid growers in France. His grandfather, Henri Vacherot, started growing orchids in 1886, in Boissy-Saint-Léger, an area outside Paris. Lecoufle began working in the firm of Vacherot & Lecoufle in 1931 and became an associate member in 1938. In 1947, he parted from the family firm to start his own nursery. Mr. Lecoufle is known for his important work on the introduction of Madagascan species into cultivation. The angraecoids and other orchids of Madagascar have been gaining substantial attention and popularity. Lecoufle's nursery was the first orchid firm to actively import and sell plants from Madagascar. He was able to import successfully through close collaboration with his supplier, Remi Andriamaharo, a former president of the Madagascan Orchid Society. In addition to introducing many superb species for the first time into cultivation, Mr. Lecoufle undertook a program of propagation to ensure against the extinction of the plants. His propagation of Angraecum longicalcar stands out as an example of the paramount importance of his breeding program of Madagascan species. An accomplished photographer for 69 years, Lecoufle has taken first-rate photographs of both plants in their native habitat and of flowering plants in his own collection. His spectacular photographs of Madagascan orchids have not only accompanied his own articles, but have also appeared in the articles and books of other authors. Mr. Lecoufle enjoys an international reputation as a hybridizer.

We send our very best wishes and appreciation for his contributions to the orchid world!


Source: the February 1998 issue of ORCHIDS by Christopher N. Herndon