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Brassavola Care
I recently purchased a plant called Brassavola Little Stars. Can you tell me what the name stands for and how should I care for this plant? — Arlene McGrath



The plant you have purchased is a Brassavola, which is in the Cattleya Alliance. Brassavola Little Stars is a popular hybrid (nodosa x cordata1), first made and registered by Ernest Hetherington of Stewart Orchids. Brassavola nodosa is commonly known as the lady-of-the-night orchid because of its evening fragrance, and the hybrid is equally blessed.

Provide lots of light year round; a summer sojourn outside would do the plant no harm. In Florida, the hybrid will flower in several flushes each year and, while this may not happen in New York State, you should have a plant that is extremely free flowering. Many growers find B. Little Stars a great subject for basket culture, although it can be grown in a shallow pot (rather than a standard pot) if you do not wish to cultivate it in a basket. — Andy Easton

Brassavola Little Stars 'Henbest's Passion' CCM/AOS

1) Brassavola subulifolia

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