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Starting Backbulbs
I have several orchids, including Cuitlauzina pulchella and a zygopetalum, that have many green, leafless backbulbs. Can new plants be started from these and how? — Edward Dane



Most orchids with pseudobulbs can be started from leafless backbulbs. The easiest way is to keep front divisions with three to five pseudobulbs (at least) to ensure flowering, and to propagate any remaining leafless pseudobulbs. Most will initiate growths on their own, but some do recommend the use of hormone preparations in lanolin to induce activity in the plants. There was an article in the April 2000 Orchids by Jim Brasch to this effect. Otherwise, they will not even really need to be potted as they will seldom have any live roots. If they have no living roots, it is usually best to remove any leaves they may have, even though green, to avoid undue desiccation. Place upright in a shady spot and when growth is observed, pot up as you would for any small division. — Ned Nash

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