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AQ Plus (online and software)


Instant Access or Renewal
Placing your order for AQ Plus gives you immediate access to the online version or extends your existing access. You will receive an email with details after your purchase. Please note that you can purchase a quantity of 1 or 2 which will equate to the number of years you want to access or renew. Finally, renewing early will simply extend your AQ Plus/Orchids Plus expiration date.

Version 4.9 Features:

  • All AOS awards from 1932 through May 30, 2013 in Awards Quarterly format
  • 58,633 color AOS award images, 13,612 JOGA, 1,064 TOGA, 1,355 TPS and 898 SAOC international images with first through fourth generation image trees available
  • Award searches by abbreviation, genus, name, cultivar, award, date range, exhibitor, event name and event location
  • Sander’s List of New Orchid Hybrids with data through May 30, 2013 (Under license from the RHS)
  • World Checklist of Monocotyledons with species searches through June 2011 (Under license from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
  • List of all genera with pronunciation guide for genus and make-up of hybrid
  • Revised and current June 2013 Edition of the Handbook on Judging and Exhibition
  • Species Identification Task Force instructions and forms
  • AOS Judging Center and Judges’ revised listings as of June, 2013
  • Searches for hybrids by name or parents; for six generation family tree or list of progeny
  • See 15 thumbnail award photos on one screen
  • View a color award photo and the award description on the same page



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