Repotting Phalaenopsis in Fir Bark
This Phalaenopsis we will pot using fir bark in a plastic pot. Fir bark may initially be difficult to wet...pre-soaking in warm water will help condition it. Remove the Phal from its pot using whatever tools necessary. Remove as much old medium from the roots as possible. Using sterilized shears, cut away old dead roots; those that are dry and shriveled or soft and mushy.

This Phalaenopsis is now cleaned up and ready for potting.  Select a pot size that will accommodate the roots comfortably, roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the total leaf span is a good rule of thumb. Because plastic pots are lightweight and Phalaenopsis tend to have tall flower spikes we will use some river rock landscape stones as drainage material to keep the flowering plant from being top-heavy.

Center the orchid in the pot with the leaves about a half inch above the rim of the pot. Begin adding the dampened fir bark. It should only take a few handfuls to fill this pot. Allow the leaves to sit above the not cover the base of the plant. Even though the media may seem to hold the plant firmly you should use a pot clip. Either a standard rhizome clip (tightened up for the plastic) or a special clip for plastic pots will serve to anchor the plant by pressing the media against the root mass. Add the plant's nametag and you're done! Many growers of Phalaenopsis like to repot them every year. Luckily they are not difficult to pot.