What is an Orchid?
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What is an Orchid clues

1. the protective covering of buds
6. new growth
10. maturation of new growth
11. leaves which are round in cross-section
14. one leaf
15. grows vertically
16. thickened stems of a Cattleya
21. spongy layer of cells which covers roots
22. modified petal (aka labellum)
23. the central organ of a flower
25. short-stalked flowers on an upright stem
27. clump of growths cut from mother plant
28. a flower before opening
29. the 3 inner segments of a flower
30. old pseudobulb often without leaves
2. ofen made by man,sometimes natural
3. leaves
4. they live in the ground
5. they aren't found here-brrrr!
7. incipient bud of a vegetative growth
8. creeping stems made from successive shoots
9. plantlet produced by meristem propagation
12. most epiphytes grow here
13. petals copy-cat the lip
17. grows horizontally
18. two leaves
19. offshoot from a plant
20. the 3 outer segments of a flower
24. sugary secretion
26. 2 lateral sepals which are fused (Paphs)
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provided by the American Orchid Society