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Able Orchids

Contact: Lalita Rakpaibulsombat
Email: ableorchids@csloxinfo.com
Telephone: 6689-815-3281 (Mr. Somsak); 6681-98
Website: www.ableorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Daily, 9:00 am–5 pm
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail
Listings: Catalog online
Products: Orchids and adeniums and anthuriums
Specialties: Vandas, arandas, orchid species, dendrobiums, cattleyas, oncidiums and intergeneric hybrids, etc.
Directions: 125 miles from Bangkok
Import|Export: Ship worldwide; exporter and importer
Address: 183/5 Moo 3, Tumbol Dan Chang, Amphur Dan Chang
City: Supanburi
State: Changwat Suphan Buri
Zip Code:
Country: Thailand

Allura Biotech Co., LTD.

Contact: Alex Raymond
Email: alluraorchids@gmail.com
Telephone: +886-9-33592159
Website: www.allura-biotech.com
Hours of Operations: 8 am–5 pm; by appointment only
Business Type: Wholesale grower and breeder
Listings: Online catalog available
Products: Orchid plants and accessories
Specialties: Phalaenopsis, cattleyas, oncidiums and intergenerics, paphiopedilums, etc.
Directions: Tropical south of Taiwan, ideal for growing phalaenopsis and other orchids
Import|Export: We export orchids worldwide
Address: 70-6 Baoan Rd. Chengde
City: Wanluan Township Pingtung County
State: Taiwan
Zip Code:
Country: Taiwan
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