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Allura Biotech Co., LTD

Contact: Alex Raymond
Email: sales@allura-biotech.com
Telephone: +886 7 3456021
Website: www.allura-biotech.com
Hours of Operations: 9 am - 5 pm, by appointment only
Business Type: Wholesale
Listings: Catalog or Listing available
Products: Orchids
Specialties: Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Oncidiums and alliances, Catasetnum, Cycnoches, Paphiopedilum, etc.
Directions: We are located in Kaohsiung, five minutes from the national highway 1 exit
Import|Export: We export orchids worldwide in all sizes and varieties
Address: 7F, 506 Heti Road
City: Kaohsiung
State: Kaohsiung
Zip Code: 8075
Country: Taiwan

Amazonia Orchids, Inc.

Contact: Carlos Cahiz and Axel J. Cahiz
Email: axelcahiz@msn.com
Telephone: 305-484-9280
Fax: 305-248-9766
Website: www.amazoniaorchidsinc.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 9 am–4:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9 am–3 pm; closed Wednesdays
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail
Products: Orchids/Supplies
Specialties: Cattleya hybrids and species
Directions: FL turnpike south to exit 5 (288 St.) turn west until Krome Ave. (177 Ave.), turn north on Krome Ave. until 280th St., turn west on 280th St. (Walden Dr.)
Import|Export: No restrictions
Address: 17899 SW 280th St.
City: Homestead
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33031-3310
Country: USA
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