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Andy's Orchids, Inc.

Contact: Andy and Harry Phillips
Email: speciesnut@Andysorchids.com
Telephone: 760-436-4239
Fax: 760-632-8991
Website: www.andysorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 9 am–4 pm PST, by appointment only, so call to make an appointment.
Business Type: Retail
Listings: View on-line full-color catalog, printable from Web site
Products: Orchid species
Specialties: Established species orchids, both epiphytic and terrestrial
Directions: Located 30 minutes north of San Diego on I-5 Fwy. and 1 hour 45 minutes south of Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
Import|Export: No export
Address: 734 Oceanview Ave.
City: Encinitas
State: California
Zip Code: 92024
Country: USA

Arcadia Glasshouse, LLC

Contact: Jeff Kenyon Web www.ArcadiaGlassHouse.com; www.OrchidSupply.com
Email: greenhouse@ArcadiaGlassHouse.com
Telephone: (440) 357-0022
Fax: (440) 357-5122
Website: www.ArcadiaGlassHouse.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm; weekends by appointment only
Business Type: Retail
Listings: Catalog available, no charge
Products: Supplies
Specialties: Greenhouses, orchid-growing supplies
Directions: Northeast Ohio, just east of Cleveland, minutes from Interstate 90 or OH-Rt. 2
Import|Export: US and Canada
Address: 354 N Lake St
City: Madison
State: Ohio
Zip Code: 44057
Country: USA

Asendorfer Orchideenzucht

Contact: Hilmar Bauch
Email: info@asendorfer-orchideenzucht.com
Website: www.asendorfer-orchideenzucht.com
Hours of Operations: By appointment only
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail
Listings: List available, no charge
Products: Orchids
Specialties: Cattleya, Laelia, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Phalaenopsis.
Directions: Northern Germany
Import|Export: Export possible under CITES Restrictions, and we will be at the 2015 Redland Festival in Florida.
Address: Muehlenstrasse 9
City: Asendorf
State: Lower Saxony
Zip Code: 27330
Country: Germany
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