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Contact: Dan Sutton
Email: dans@rexius.com
Telephone: 541-335-8018
Fax: 541-343-4802
Website: www.rexius.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm.
Business Type: Wholesale.
Products: Supplies.
Specialties: Orchid bark.
Directions: Eugene, Oregon, 100 miles south of Portland.
Import|Export: No restrictions.
Address: 1275 Bailey Hill Rd.
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97402
Country: USA

Roberts Flower Supply

Contact: Wayne and Nancy Roberts
Email: rfs@orchidmix.com
Telephone: 440-236-5571; Cell 440-610-5373
Website: www.orchidmix.com
Hours of Operations: Daily, by appointment only.
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail.
Listings: Catalog available, no charge.
Products: Orchids, Supplies, Potting Mixes, Media, Native Orchids.
Specialties: Four grades of clean fir bark, coconut husk chips, diatomite, coir, cork flats & tubes, wire supports/hangers, Plastic, net and slotted clay pots & baskets, granulated charcoal, sponge roc perlite, NZ bark, premium NZ sphagnum moss, lights, fertilizer (MSU), safe pesticides, humidity trays, Fungicides, greenhouse material, Aluminet shade cloth, hardy orchids.
Directions: 4½ miles off OH Turnpike Exit 9, 5 miles off I-480, 8 miles off I-71.
Import|Export: Shipping all USA supplies & plants & limited international hard goods supplies only.
Address: 12390 Root Rd.
City: Columbia Station
State: Ohio
Zip Code: 44028
Country: USA

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

Contact: Parry and Alice Gripp
Email: sboe@sborchid.com
Telephone: 805-967-1284
Fax: 805-683-3405
Website: www.sborchid.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Saturday, 8 am–4:30 pm; Sunday, 11 am–4 pm.
Business Type: Primarily retail.
Listings: Website features extensive lists and images of our species and hybrids plus the daily “Orchid of the Day”.
Products: Beginner to exhibition-quality orchids, plus specimen orchids for subtropical gardens and estate greenhouses.
Specialties: Hybridizers and propagators of cymbidiums, temperature-tolerant varieties (Mexican laelias, Australian dendrobiums, hardy cattleyas), and species (Cattleya, Laelia anceps, Myrmecophila [formerly Schomburgkia], Pleurothallis, Stanhopea, etc).
Directions: North of downtown Santa Barbara, Exit Hwy 101 at Patterson Ave, which after 2 miles oceanward becomes Orchid Dr.
Import|Export: No minimum order; year-round shipping in US, very limited export.
Address: 1250 Orchid Dr.
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Zip Code: 93111
Country: USA
SunBulb (Better-Gro) Dry Goods

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