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Save My Orchids

Contact: Lance Birk
Email: lance@savemyorchids.com
Telephone: 805-705-9868
Website: savemyorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Mail order only. Monday–Friday 9 am–5 pm PDT.
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail.
Listings: None available.
Products: Supplies.
Specialties: Producer of Living-Breathing Orchid Potting Mix.
Import|Export: No export.
Address: 832 Grove Lane
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Zip Code: 93105
Country: USA

Seagrove Orchids

Contact: Linda Thorne
Email: orchidlinda@rtmc.net
Telephone: 336-879-6677
Website: www.seagroveorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Friday–Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Other times must be arranged in advance by appointment.
Business Type: Retail/Wholesale.
Listings: Catalog available on website.
Products: Orchid plants.
Specialties: Standard and miniature cattleyas, phalaenopsis, vandas, lady’s slippers, plus many assorted species. Select awarded and historical divisions. Hundreds of mounted orchids.
Directions: Central North Carolina. One hour south of Greensboro off Hwy. 220. Pottery tourism area.
Import|Export: No export.
Address: 3451 Brower Mill Rd.
City: Seagrove
State: North Carolina
Zip Code: 27341-9019
Country: USA

Seattle Orchids

Contact: --
Email: info@seattleorchid.com
Telephone: 877-380-6710
Fax: 206-402-5677
Website: www.seattleorchid.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 10 am–6 PM; Saturdays 11:00 am–4 PM.
Business Type: Retail.
Listings: Catalog available online no charge.
Products: Orchids/Supplies.
Specialties: Extensive Species and difficult to find, orchid gifts.
Directions: We’re located in Seattle and operate mostly via mail order and shows, open to the public.
Import|Export: No export at this time.
Address: 928 NW 49th St.
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip Code: 98107
Country: USA
SunBulb (Better-Gro) Dry Goods

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