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Woodstream Orchids

Contact: Lynn Evans-Goldner and William Goldner
Email: woodstream3@verizon.net
Telephone: 410-286-2664
Fax: 410-286-2664
Website: www.woodstreamorchids.com
Hours of Operations: Nursery open by appointment on some weekends (Friday–Sunday). Please call or email to confirm that the nursery will be open.
Business Type: Retail, volume discount schedule available.
Listings: Extensive online catalog.
Products: Orchids and orchid companion plants (epiphytic cacti).
Specialties: Paphiopedilum species and complex hybrids (flasks, seedlings, blooming plants, divisions). Phragmipedium species and hybrids (flasks, seedlings, blooming plants, divisions), Epidendrum species and hybrids (flasks, seedlings, divisions).
Directions: 33 miles SE of Washington, DC., 40 miles S of Baltimore; two hours NE of Richmond, VA.
Import|Export: Flask exports only at this time. Registered Maryland State nursery.
Address: 5810 Huntingtown Rd.
City: Huntingtown
State: Maryland
Zip Code: 20639
Country: USA
SunBulb (Better-Gro) Dry Goods

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