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Banjong Orchids

Contact: Banjong and Ratsuda Mianmanus
Email: banjong-orchids@hotmail.com
Telephone: 305-247-8854
Website: www.banjongorchids.net
Hours of Operations: Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9 am–5 pm.
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail.
Products: Orchids/Supplies including vanda decorative pots for hanging and/or tabletop, square plastic vanda baskets.
Specialties: Vandaceous, dendrobiums, species and warm-growing genera.
Directions: FL turnpike south to Exit #13 (184 St.), turn right on 184th St., head west until 177 Ave. (Krome Ave.), turn left, go 2 miles, Banjong Orchids is on the right corner of 218th St.
Import|Export: No export.
Address: 17720 SW 218 St.
City: Miami
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33170
Country: USA

Broward Orchid Supply

Contact: Sandi Jones
Email: browardorchidsupply@comcast.net
Telephone: 954-925-2021
Fax: 954-925-2021
Website: www.browardorchidsupply.com
Hours of Operations: Call first/mail order.
Business Type: Retail.
Listings: Price list available, no charge.
Products: Orchid supplies.
Specialties: Fungicides, Insecticides, Cal-Mag Fertilizer, Keiki Pro, Dyna-Gro, Tree Fern, Cork, Potting Media, Labels and more.
Directions: South Florida.
Import|Export: Please call.
Address: 2411 Garfield St.
City: Hollywood
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33020
Country: USA

Cal-Orchid, Inc.

Contact: James and Lauris Rose
Email: calorchid@cox.net
Telephone: 805-967-1312
Fax: 805-967-6882
Website: www.calorchid.com
Hours of Operations: Monday–Saturday, 9 am–4 pm.
Business Type: Wholesale/Retail.
Listings: Selected listing, information and sales items available on website.
Products: Lectures/Can travel.
Specialties: Cymbidiums, Cattleyas, Epidendrums (reed stem), Lycastes, species, assorted hybrids.
Directions: 1 mile off Hwy. 101 on the central coast of California, 2 blocks from the beach.
Address: 1251 Orchid Dr.
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Zip Code: 93111
Country: USA
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