Acianthera bragae #2

Acianthera bragae #2

2/15/2010 - Pacific Central Judging Center - Oakland
Acianthera bragae 'Gilbert'*
CHM 82 (prov)
Exhibited by Carol Zoltowski


The award number of Carol Zoltowski's Pleurothallis sarracenia is 20102620.

The description is as follows;

Eleven flowers borne on inflorescences nestled within fleshy-leaves of
vining rhizomes winding around a 14 cm by 2 cm stick mount; flowers paired;
sepaline tube red-purple, almost black; petals and lip enclosed within
sepaline tube and are unobservable; substance heavy; texture matte. The
flower size was 0.9 wide by 2.3 long.


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