Acronia (Pleurothallis) teaguei

Acronia (Pleurothallis) teaguei

Here are one photograph and two accompanying scans of pages from AQ Plus.
The CCM photograph is identical to the AQ scan for the CCM. Explanation
We have an award issue that Patricia and I believe the SITF can handle
expeditiously. Back a year and half ago a plant of Pleurothallis
teaguei received a CHM and a CCM at the Connecticut Orchid Society
Show. The center failed to submit the CHM (misplaced the entry form
evidently) but did submit the CCM. Because there was a prior CBR to the
species and CCM's don't require verfication unless they happen to be
the first award to a given species, the CCM was processed normally.
After a significant time, the exhibitor inquired of Pam what had
happened to their CHM. Needless to say the center is somewhat
embarassed and we are trying to right the error without telling the
exhibitor that they now, after a year and half have to verify the
identity of their plant and after we published the CCM.

Verified as P./A .teaguei by the SITF.

Dear Rita Cohen and Gary Kraus,

The Species Identification Task Force confirms the identification of the plant Pleurothallis teaguei “Oh My God” CHM. You can now process the award.

Patricia Harding


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