Bifrenaria wittigii

Bifrenaria wittigii











Description:  Three tulip-like flowers on one inflorescence; flower base color green; sepals and petals ovate, apices acuminate, feathered-markings burgundy; lip articulate, held upright, white, side lobes heavily striped burgundy, midlobe densely coalesced burgundy stripes, hirsute, hairs white, side margins rolled, basally solid burgundy, crest ridged, exterior striped and spotted burgundy; column erect, cream-yellow, anther cap cream-yellow; substance stiff; texture waxy, lip midlobe and column velvety; strong aroma noted.




Nat. Spread H. = 6.0


Nat. Spread V. = 6.0


Dorsal Sepal W. = 2.4


Dorsal Sepal L. =  4.1


Petal W. = 1.6


Petal L. = 3.4


Lateral Sepal W = 3.0


Lateral Sepal L = 4.3


Lip W = 1.2




Lip L = 3.0








Bifrenaria wittigii (Rchb.f.) Hoehne, Fl. Brasílica 10(12, 7): 30 (1953).This name is accepted.



2016 3429  florida north central jc


Bifrenaria wittigii, award 20163429, has been confirmed

to be  
Bifrenaria wittigii by SITF (Nov 2016). 



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