Bulbophyllum cleistogamum

Bulbophyllum cleistogamum

Bulbophyllum cleistogamum Ridl., J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 31: 277 (1896).This name is accepted.

Bulbophyllum cleistogamum ‘Irene’ CBR/AOS    Award number 20124323 Northeast 

Award description

One flower and 1 bud on 2 wiry, sequentially-flowered 34cm inflorescences; plant consisting of single oval leaves up to 15-cm borne on clumped pseudobulbs averaging 2.5-cm grown on a 7.5-cm by 15-cm tree fern plaque covered in green moss;  sepals ivory, irregularly reticulated oxblood, superior and inferior margins rolling forward; petals ivory, overlaid oxblood medially; lip oxblood, striped ivory centrally; column chartreuse, appearing fanged; anther cap oxblood; species endemic to Borneo and the Phillipines; identified by

Bulbophyllum cleistogamum , 
  award number 20124323, has been confirmed to be Bulbophyllum cleistogamum by SITF ( Jan 2013).


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