Bulbophyllum habrotinum confirmed to be Bulbophyllum treschii

Bulbophyllum habrotinum confirmed to be Bulbophyllum treschii











Award Description:


Sixteen pendant flowers on four 11-cm long inflorescences; grown from a

moderate sized plant 13cm x 15cm in an 8-cm square plastic basket; dorsal sepal

hooded, completely covering the petals, lip and column, white, heavily overlaid

dark purple spots and bars on reverse; lateral sepals rugose, elongated, dark

purple, basally white finely spotted dark purple; flower bracts elongated, dark

purple; substance light; texture matte; species from Borneo, named by Vermulen

& Lamb in 1994.




Sizes (cm):


Natural Spread: 0.7 wide x 7.2 long


Dorsal Sepal: 0.7 wide x 0.8 long


Petals: unable to measure


Lateral Sepals:  0.7 wide x 7.2 long


Lip: unable to measure

Bulbophyllum habrotinum J.J.Verm. & A.L.Lamb, Blumea 38: 335 (1994).

This name is accepted.

20153267 FNCJC



, award 20153267, has been confirmed to be Bulbophyllum

treschii by SITF (July 2015). 


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