Bulbophyllum longiflorum

Bulbophyllum longiflorum

Twelve flowers on one staked, basal, pseudo-umbellate inflorescence; dorsal sepal upright, ovate-cordate, apex long-accuminate, gold-yellow vertically lined burgundy; lateral sepals lanceolate, fused to apices, gold-yellow, suffused fine spots burgundy; petals ovate, slightly cupped, marginal pubescence burgundy; lip articulate, knee-shaped, burgundy, gold-yellow centrally; substance good; texture matte.

HNS = 1.0cm, VNS=4.4cm

DSW=0.4cm, DSL=1.1cm

PW=0.2cm, PL=0.6cm

LSW=0.5cm, LSL=3.7cm

LW=0.1cm, LL=0.4cm

Bulbophyllum longiflorum Thouars, Hist. Orchid.: t. 98 (1822).

This name is accepted.

Homotypic Synonyms:

Heterotypic Synonyms:

Florida North Central award number not given

Bulbophyllum longiflorum,
award 2013 3286, has  been confirmed to be Bulbophyllum
longiflorum by SITF (August 2013),
 with assistance of Doris Jensen and Jaap


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