Bulbophyllum membranaceum

Bulbophyllum membranaceum

20122650 CBR and 20122649 CCM from Toronto

Bulbophyllum membranaceum Teijsm. & Binn., Ned. Kruidk. Arch. 3: 397 (1855).

This name is accepted.

Distribution:     Thailand, Malesia to W. Pacific

400 flowers borne singly on a 25cm wide by 60 cm tall pristine plant
all around a 10cmx8cmx25cm tall sphagnum moss covered oasis black;
rhizome pendulous, branched; pseudobulbs ovoid, unifoliate; leaves
cordate; flowers small; dorsal sepal reverse blushed pale pink,
yellow-oragne distally, adaxially pale chartreuse, yellow-orange
distally; lateral sepals boat shaped, fused, burgundy; petals minute;
lip yellow, minute; substance firm; texture waxy; awarded for rarity in
cultivation and educational value; species widespread through Indonesia
and Malasia at low elevations as a branch or trunk epiphyte ."

realize I made a mistake it should say Bulbophyllum
membranaceum, award 20122650 and
 , has been confirmed to
Bulbophyllum membranaceum by SITF (Nov 2012).  



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