Bulbophyllum pingtungense

Bulbophyllum pingtungense

Bulbophyllum pingtungense S.S.Ying & S.C.Chen in S.S.Ying, Col. Ill. Indig. Orch. Taiwan 1: 499 (1985).

This name is accepted.

AWARD 20123377, PRJC

Six flowers on two umbel-like inflorescences on a 9cm wide x 10 cm tall stoloniferous plant grown in a 10 cm octagonal plastic basket filled with sphagnum moss ; flowers chartreuse; dorsal sepal striped and spotted mahogany; lateral sepals striped and spotted dark rose, basally, lighter apically; petals hirsute apically, overlaid dark rose; lip overlaid dark burgundy, chartreuse apex; column overlaid dark rose; substance firm texture waxy. 

Bulbophyllum pingtungense, award 20123377, has been confirmed
to be Bulbophyllum pingtungense  by SITF (2013), with assistance of Doris


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