Calanthe rubens determined to be most likely a hybrid

Calanthe rubens determined to be most likely a hybrid

Awarded at GPJC on 2/20/2016. 20165099

Country of origin unknown.

Twenty-one pink flowers and 39 buds on two 70.3-cm light green, hirsute, erect, inflorescences that emerge from base of 22.5-cm tall by 17.5-cm in circumference, conical, angled, centrally pinched and longitudinally grooved pseudobulbs; flower ovaries 3.8cm long, bracts 1.0cm wide by 2cm long, light green; plant sympodial, deciduous, grown in bark in a 22-cm plastic pot; sepals and petals stripped dark pink, reverse hirsute; lip full, extremely ruffled, crimson proximally, side lobes enclose column, spur 1.2cm, slender, crimson; column and anther cap cream; substance tissue paper thin; texture crystalline; species from SE Asia

Calanthe rubens, award 20165099, has been determined
to be most likely a  hybrid by SITF
(March 2016).


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