Campylocentrum micranthum determined to be Campylocentrum schiedei

Campylocentrum micranthum determined to be Campylocentrum schiedei

Award 20131949 CCM 83

Campylocentrum micranthum


Ninety one inflorescences with an estimated total flower out of 2730 on stick mount covered by roots; plant monopodial, branched; rhizome flattened slightly, winged; leaves alternate; inflorescence emerge opposite leaves, inflorescence 4.5 cm long; flowers arranged alternately in two rows; flower star shaped with posterior spur; sepals slightly longer than petals, sepals and petals white; spur cylindrical to slightly widening at apex, green, spur length 0.4 cm; substance average; texture matte.

Campylocentrum micranthum (Lindl.) Rolfe, Orchid Rev. 9: 136 (1901). This name is accepted.


Campylocentrum micranthum, award 20131949, has been determined to be Campylocentrum schiedei by SITF (March 2015). 


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