Cattleya loddigesii from Manizales

Cattleya loddigesii from Manizales

20141868 Cattleya loddigesii ‘Romelia’, Aranda B x Sweetheart AM 82

Five flat round flowers on two inflorescences; bloom sheathe green as in C. harrisoniana; sepals and petals pink with sparse fine dark pink spots; lip white overlaid pink on reverse and distal superior portions of side lobes, darker pink apical portion of midlobe, isthmus yellow, inferior side lobe light yellow; column white; substance hard; texture matte. Provisional

Cattleya loddigesii,
award 20141868, has been determined to be Cattleya loddigesii by SITF May 2014), noting
plant has traits of C. harrisoniana. 


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