Judging Center: National Capital

Award Number: 20173618

Award Date: June 03, 2017

Awarded As: Coelogyne incrassata var. sumatrana

Plant entered as Coelogyne monilirachis. Judges questioned the identification and found Coel. incrassata which seems to be the correct name. Information on Coel. incrassata var. sumatrana found on WCSP - accepted name, distribution W. Sumatera, Borneo - no information on the origin of this particular plant. Swiss Orchid Foundation has many references to Coel. incrassata (not specifically var. sumatrana) and IOSPE has a photograph of Coel. incrassata (not var. sumatrana) with information that seems to be the same plant. See also Orchids of Java, J.B. Comber


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