Cymbidium hoosai/sinense confirmed to be Cymbidium sinense

Cymbidium hoosai/sinense confirmed to be Cymbidium sinense

Plant awarded at National Capital Judging in Washington DC on February 6, 2016 as:

20161108 – Cymbidium hoosai CHM/81

Info found:

WCSP: Not accepted – Synonym = Cymbidium sinense (Andrews) Willd., Sp.Pl. 4: 111 (1805)

            Distribution: Assam to Nansei-shoto


Description from entry form:

Forty-two well-spaced flowers on three 98-114-cm inflorescences emerging

vigorously from a 40-cm high x 90_cm wide strap-leaved plant; sepals and petals lanceolate, petals longer than normal, olive green striped mahogany, stripes more diffuse on older flowers; lip white overlaid bold maroon blotches, apex strongly recurved; substance moderate; texture waxy; recognized for being an impressive plant with exceptionally tall upright inflorescences and unusually large spacing between flowers, and pleasing fragrance.

Cymbidium hoosai,
award 20161108, has been confirmed to be Cymbidium sinense by SITF (May 2016). 


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