Dendrobium atavus confirmed to be Dendrobium fimbriatum

Dendrobium atavus confirmed to be Dendrobium fimbriatum

 Dendrobium atavusJ.J.Sm., Orch. Java: 353 (1905).This name is accepted.

award #20133461.  GLJC

Dendrobium atavus , award  #20133461, has been confirmed to be Dendrobium fimbriatum by SITF (March



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this is obviously D. fimbriatum. D. atavus is different, the type of it (an illustration, in Johannes Jacobus Smith (J. J. Smith) 1908, Die Orchideen von Java, Figurenatlas, plate 81) showing a different lip and style. However, J. B. Comber st? Orchids of Java, 1990, publ. Bentham-Moxon Trust mentions that D. atavus may just be a pelori form of D. fimbriatum. Still the name D. fimbriatum is valid, as published some 80 years before D. atavus.


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