Dendrobium sutiknoi

Dendrobium sutiknoi

This plant was awarded at WPB judging in April. The award WAS NOT marked as provisional so I did not take diagnostic photos.
Researching it a week or two later, I discovered that it has never been awarded (according to my research) yet it received an HCC.
I wrote the team chair and asked it it should be a provisional award and he said that it should have been.
And so, I am sending the only angle of photo I have (although I do have a vertical of a single flower if that would help).
 This new species seems pretty distinctive sho it should ne be an issue having only the one photo.

Dendrobium sutiknoi
'Crownfox' HCC/AOS, 78pts
Exhib: R.F. Orchids
West Palm Beach judging; 4-24-10

Greg Allikas

Dendrobium sutiknoi has been confirmed to be Dendrobium sutiknoi by SITF (May 2010). You may now process the award.


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