Dendrobium yeageri confirmed to be Dendrobium serratilabiu

Dendrobium yeageri confirmed to be Dendrobium serratilabiu

Dendrobium yeageri Ames & Quisumb., Philipp. J. Sci. 52: 447 (1933 publ. 1934).

3) 20105058 Dendrobium yeageri ‘Peppermint Chocolate’ CHM – 81 points


Width Length

Natural Spread 3.2 2.4

Dorsal Sepal 0.9 2.0

Petals 0.8 2.0

Synsepal 1.6 4.0

Pouch 1.0 2.0

Seven flowers and two buds in three clusters on two blooming deciduous branching aggregate canes, flowers appearing on previous year’s growth; plant with ten additional canes up to 43 cm tall, 0.4 cm wide; leaves lanceolate; lateral sepals fused basally into a 2.5 cm spur; segments chartreuse, striped mahogany; lip fringed. Substance firm, texture waxy.

Michael MacConaill,Chair Peter Poot<(>), the Montréal Supplemental Center Chair and secretary (André Lévesque , Michel Tremblay ) and the chair of judging at Orchidfête(Mario

Dendrobium yeageri, award 20105058, has been confirmed to be Dendrobium serratilabium by SITF (Nov 2010).


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