Dendrochilum bicallosum from Houston

Dendrochilum bicallosum from Houston

(Award # 20133698) Houston

Approximately 1000 cupped tightly crowded alternate bilateral
translucent salmon flowers subtended by bracts on 14 terminal inflorescences,
central rib of raceme square; sepals triangular, obtuse; petals round; lip
ovate; substance papery; texture matte.

Measurements & Description

No. Flowers:

No. Buds:

No. of Inflor:

Nat Spr H:

Nat Spr V:

Dors Sep. W:

Dors Sep. L:

Petal W:

Petal L:

Lat Sep. W:

Lat Sep. L:

Synsepal W:

Synsepal L:

Lip W:

Lip L:

Pouch W:

Pouch L:


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