Dendrochilum yuccifolium

Dendrochilum yuccifolium

Corrected description reads:

Approximately 600 pleasing stellate
concolor cream flowers presented well on 13 inflorescences around base of 13 cm
round plastic pot grown in aliflor, charcoal and sponge rock; inflorescences
originating from immature growths, 18 cm in length, flowers alternating in
loose spiral; substance firm; texture waxy. Leaves firm, yucca-like, linear 26
cm x 1.2 cm wide; growths 28.5 cm in length; pseudobulbs 1.2 cm wide; roots
fine. Interesting foliage as well as pleasing display of slightly spiraling
showy inflorescences contribute to the overall appearance of this species. 
Origin:  Philippenes

Dendrochilum yuccifolium L.O.Williams, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 5: 53 (1937).

This name is accepted.

20154355  Carolinas JC

, award 20154355, has been determined to be Dendrochilum
yuccifolium by SITF (March 2015). 


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