Epidendrum alpicola confirmed to be Epidendrum aenigmaticum

Epidendrum alpicola confirmed to be Epidendrum aenigmaticum

From Ron: What we know about this......It was purchased from Eduardo
Sanchez several years ago with the only identification being Epi.
species/from Ecuador. I believe that Eric Hagsater looked at the image
and has said it belongs to the Alpicolum group of Epidendrums. It
should up at a judging labeled Epi. alpicola and received I believe a CBR.

Another trickle of information from Ron:

Thirty stellate flowers and three buds clustered on distal half of one semi-arched inflorescence; reed-stem growths 18cm long flattened, distal half leaved, leafless portion 0.4cm wide; sepals and petals light yellow-green; lip cream-color; column white; ovary light green, smooth, 0.3cm long by 0.1cm wide; substance firm; texture matte; species native to Ecuador; flowers fragrant.

NS 1.6 X 1.2; DS 0.4 X 0.8; P 0.1 X 0.8; LS 0.4 X 0.9; LIP 0.4 X 1.0

Epidendrum alpicola Award # unknown has been confirmed to be Epidendrum aenigmaticum by SITF (May 2009) with assistance by Eric Hagsater.
Odontoglossum sceptrum Award # 20095610 has been confirmed to be Odontoglossum sceptrum by SITF (May 2009).

You can now process the awards.


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