Epidendrum paniculosum

Epidendrum paniculosum

2012 4412 Epidendrum paniculosum ?Bob?s Dream? CBR PROVISIONAL

Owner: Bob Milner

NS 1.0x1.6, DS 0.3x0.7, P 0.2x0.7, LS 0.3x0.9, Lip 0.8x1.2

Nineteen flowers and twelve buds on one 16-cm panicle; plant mounted on a 30cm by 5.5cm cypress plaque; longest pseudobulb 13cm; leaves 5.6cm long by 1.9cm wide; pseudobulbs consist of 1-5 leaves each; flowers cupped, light green; lip adnate to column, center overlaid prominent red purple blotch; substance medium; texture waxy; plant native to Brazil; cited for rarity and educational value

Epidendrum paniculosum Barb.Rodr., Gen. Spec. Orchid. 1: 58 (1877).This name is accepted.

Award 2012 4412, region Florida

Epidendrum paniculosum, award 2012 4412,  has been confirmed to be Epidendrum paniculosum
by SITF (June 2012).


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