Epidendrum pubiflorum

Epidendrum pubiflorum

Information from the exhibitor:
Aloha , I set this off to Eric Christenson for identification for Tropical Orchid Farm. The same photo files I sending now along with a pickled sample. Here is is a copy of the email from both sides. I will also include these pictures and other information. Sorry for the size of this file but it has everything you should need I hope. Any questions please let me know . We are leaving on next week Sunday for Brazil for three weeks. Thanks again Mike Blietz
Dear Mike, I have communicated with Eric Hagsater - the expert on Epidendrum - and we agree that the best name for your plant is Epidendrum pubiflorum as per the illustration in Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum pl. 55. He has a drawing of a plant from Coroico that matches that illustration. Both of us note that the flowers of your plant are on the small size (perhaps because of the high count) relative to Peruvian plants. It is a beautiful plant and it is good to see it in cultivation. Now go propagate it!
My best, Eric

Dear Mike,

Your center is the recipient of the fourth award confirmation by the Species Identification Task Force. I don’t know what award it was up for, or even if I should be sending this information to you but here it is anyway. If I need to send it to someone else let me know. You should be able to send the award thru now.
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Epidendrum pubiflorum# 20086832 has been confirmed to be Epidendrum pubiflorum by SITF (Nov 2008) with assistance by Eric Christenson and Eric Hagsater.

Patricia Harding


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