Epidendrum summerhayesii

Epidendrum summerhayesii

Epidendrum summerhayesii Hágsater, Icon. Orchid. 2: t. 189 (1993).

This name is accepted.

Twenty-three arresting flowers and 50 buds on nine imbricate bract inflorescences to 26 cm; distichous leathery dark green leaves to 3.2 cm wide by 15 cm long, some growths suffused maroon to 22 cm tall well-grown in bark in 20 cm diameter plastic pot; flowers green suffused maroon; lip cordate, elongate keel waxy; substance hard; texture waxy; commended for distinctive bloom habit and rarity in cultivation. Provisional

20151907 PNW

Epidendrum summerhayesii, award 20151907, has been confirmed to be Epidendrum summerhayesii by SITF May 2015. 


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