Holocoglossum tangii

Holocoglossum tangii

Dear Identifiers:
My plant of /Holcoglossum tangii /received a provisional CHM award of 81
points at the Batavia Orchid Society Show on 2/20/10.
Award # 20105409
Nat. Spread: Horiz. 3.0cm Vert. 4.2cm
Dorsal Sepal: 0.5cm horiz. 2.0cm vert
Petal: 0.5cm horiz. 1.6cm vert
Lat. Sepal: 0.5cm horiz 2.0cm vert
Lip: 1.0cm horiz 1.0cm vert
Description: Monopodial plant, growth habit pendent, to 7.0cm wide x
30.0cm long; leaves terete to 22.0cm long x 0.2cm wide growing on
28.0cm moss wrapped grape vine; six white flowers faintly blushed mauve
on one 16.0cm inflorescence; substance medium; texture matte.
Comments: Recognized for educational value, rarity in culture and
horticultural potential.

I am attatching some images of the flowers and plant.

Thanks in advance for working on the plant ID.
Walter Crawford
Holcoglossum tangii , Award # 20105409, has been confirmed to be Holcoglossum tangii by SITF (March 2010). You may now process the award.


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