Liparis viridiflora

Liparis viridiflora

Liparis viridiflora (Blume) Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl.: 31 (1830).

accepted Name: Stichorkis viridiflora (Blume) Marg., Szlach. & Kulak, Acta Soc. Bot. Poloniae 77: 39 (2008).

This received a CBR out of Florida North-Central - Glenn Brown chair. no award number given.

There are prior awards to both viridiflora and stachyurus under Liparis but the judges evidently questioned whether this was actually viridiflora/stachyurus or something else.


One thousand flowers and 120 buds on 12 tapered, 22.5-cm inflorescences on a 23-cm high by 14-cm wide plant grown in a 14-cm square wooden basket; leaves 18cm long by 1.3cm wide; flowers minute, (0.35 x 0.35 cm), segments unmeasurable; overall color of stem and flowers light chartreuse; substance firm; texture matte; awarded for novelty and educational value

Liparis viridiflora, no award number given, has been confirmed to be Liparis viridiflora by SITF April 2011).


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