Lycaste longipetala determined to be Sudamerlycaste jimenezii

Lycaste longipetala determined to be Sudamerlycaste jimenezii

20141870 Lycaste longipetala ‘ La Aldea’CCM85

green flowers and five buds on 27 inflorescences on a robust immaculate 176 cm
wide by 69 cm tall plant in a 45 cm plastic pot growing in bark; inflorescences
30-50 cm long; flowers nodding, light green; lip fringed, green, darker green
centrally; column white; substance firm; texture waxy.   Provisional 

Lycaste longipetala, award 20141870,
has been determined to be S
udamerlycaste jimenezii  by SITF (April 2014). 


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