Masdevallia deceptrix

Masdevallia deceptrix

20098020 Masd. deceptrix 'Manuela' CHM 1.2 4.2 1.0 4.2 tstm tstm 1.5 3.4 tstm tstmEight sequential flowers and seven buds on eleven inflorescences; borne on a nine cm. wide by 13 cm high plant; grown in bark in a 8 cm wide plastic pot; flowers dark burgundy, dorsal sepaline tail yellow; substance hard; texture velvety inside sepaline tube; glossy outside. West Palm, Cali Show.
Masdevallia deceptrix Luer & Würstle in C.A.Luer, Thes. Masdevall. 10: t. 4 (1987).

Masdevallia deceptrix, award 20098020 , has been confirmed to be Masdevallia deceptrix by SITF(June 2010).


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