Masdevallia fasciata

Masdevallia fasciata

Award 20131946 CHM 82

Masdevallia fasciata


Three flowers and six buds on nine inflorescences; dorsal sepal strongly cupped, translucent yellow, heavily spotted and barred maroon, caudae maroon; lateral sepals narrow, elongate, translucent with spots, caudae maroon; petals orange-yellow; lip held against column, yellow-green heavily overlaid maroon; anther cap bright yellow; substance average; dorsal sepal glossy texture, petals matte, native to Colombia.

Masdevallia fasciata Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 15: 202 (1881).

This name is accepted.


Masdevallia fasciata, Award 20131946 , has been confirmed to be Masdevallia fasciata by SITF (April 2013).


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